To search for a new truth in a challenging time captures the essence of the body of work by photographer Martin Sweers. The perspectives we have on how things should be in our daily lives feel like our truth. But what happens when something shifts, this truth might change rapidly?


This project has its origin when 4 years ago the artist slowly slid in his Burn-out. A period of time where he became anxious and afraid to do the normal things in his daily life. As a result, he couldn’t work any longer. The biggest enemy at this point was his own mind and dealing with the loss of self-worth. He no longer was a successful photographer; slowly he became less of the person he thought he was. At rock bottom, there was nothing he could call “himself” but out of that a short moment of joy, with a realization. “All is gone but I’m still here” That moment paved the way for a new approach of working and recovery, the seed of the “Error in Truth” series was planted.


The complete series of about 100 images captures flowers and plants that are carefully burned and turned to carbon. Every picture stands for a specific part of the artist's story. In a way, the flowers resemble the challenges the artist needed to deal with. To spend a lot of time with them and to care for them so delicately he learned to see new truth. That the lows of your life could be a gift to grow and appreciate the effects they can bring.

Open Air Exhibit

Together with the Hyatt Regency Amsterdam, Martin Sweers created a open air exhibit of the Error in Truth photography project. The exhibit consists of 14 big art prints. The exhibit came to be when Martin and the Hyatt came together. They wanted to share something beautyfull and hopefull with the residents of Amsterdam. 


The setup of this exhibit is outside behind the windows of the closed Hyatt Regency Hotel. Everybody can see the works up close. And there is enough safe space to keep your distance from others.


Take a look at: Sarphatistraat 104, 1018GV Amsterdam


For the walking tour as announced on the instagram of the Hyatt Regency hotel contact me here. the times of the tours are. The tour is only with 3 people with enough distance.


Monday 4 may 19:30

Friday 8 may 19:30

Sunday 10 May 16:00



Later this year the complete series will be bundled in a book. The pre-sale has already started as a measure to collect the needed funds.


There are different ways of supporting this project. You can choose to buy one or more books at a reduced price. It's a perfect gift to give away to one of your loved ones or friends. Also, you can buy up to 10 books including a limited A3 art print. More info about these deals in the product pages.


Art Prints

The series "Error in Truth" is now also available as exclusive Art Prints. These prints are all numbered signed and have official hologram one of a kind markings. Every photo comes in different sizes but is limited in its editions. Ones all the editions are sold the image goes of the market. 

We are working with the highest standard of printing and framing. The work will be printed by a 11 color inkjet printer on high grade archival cotton paper.

If you want to know more and receive a catalog, please contact below by email or phone.

At this stage it is not possible to order these prints online. Because of the high degree of personal care we put in the guidance in purchase.

10% of the profit of made by the sale of these prints will go to a charity to help other artist in financiel need during the Covid-19 crisis.



Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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