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Error in truth

To search for a new truth in a challenging time captures the essence of the body of work by photographer Martin Sweers. The perspectives we have on how things should be in our daily lives feel like our truth. But what happens when something shifts, this truth might change rapidly?


The complete series consists of about 100 images. It captures flowers and plants that are carefully burned and turned to carbon. Every picture stands for a specific part of the artist's story. In a way, the flowers resemble the challenges the artist needed to deal with. To spend a lot of time with them and to care for them so delicately he learned to see new truth. That the lows of your life could be a gift to grow and appreciate the effects they can bring.

The series is now bundled in a gorgeous coffee table book of 224 pages. The books are all numbered and have an edition of 555 books. Every book is unique and one of a kind. All the books have carbon on the cut of the book applied by smoke.  Get your unique copy trough the link below.

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