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The Error in Truth project is a personal project for me that started almost 5 years ago. The project is about overcoming adversity and observing the struggles inside yourself and surrounding you. Not to look at them as just misfortunes but as lessons and tools to reflect on who you are. When the Covid-19 virus hit all the plans went out the window. No more funding for a book or exhibits. But what seemed to be the end of the story now became a beginning. I was approached by the Hyatt hotel in Amsterdam to use their amazing location as a open air exhibit. Since the Hyatt is a floral and botanical themed hotel it seemed the perfect fit. At this moment there are 14 large format prints covering the windows of the Hyatt Regency hotel. I want to make use of this opportunity to do a Pre-Sale of the book, for all the people that love this series and want to be a part of it.

There are different ways of supporting this project. You can choose to buy one or more books for a discount. It's a perfect gift to give away to one of you loved ones or friends. Also you can buy a stack of 10 books including a limited A3 art print. More info in the productpages.

List of perks depending on the package.

  • Book (or multiple books)

  • Your name in the book as a benefactor.

  • Limited edition art print (maximum of 5 for each of the 6 images)

  • Pre-Sale of the official large format art prints of any image in the Error in Truth Series (mail or phone only at this moment)

Note: Since this is a Pre-sale we don't know a exact delivery date. But all the funds are distributed to a dedicated bank account just for this project. A monthly email will keep you up to date of where we are with the process and fund collection.

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